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Terms and Conditions


Trial Lessons 

  1. Students can have only 1 free trial lesson. 


  •  Lessons are organized in two semesters of 18 lessons each.

  •  Lessons are 30, 40, 45 and 50 minutes depending on the agreed duration. 

  • Students are expected to arrive on time for their lessons. Most of the time there is a student after and the missing time cannot be recovered by finishing the lesson later. 

  • Parents bringing children for lessons are expected to pick them up on time as there is normally another student afterwards. The teacher can only take responsibility and good care for students while they are in the lesson.

  • Videos and photos of students playing during the lessons can only be taken by the teacher with previous parental written consent. Once parents have received the files, these are deleted from the teacher´s devices. 


  1. There are no refunds for students canceling the semester, however, the lessons left can be:

  •  Transferred to a family member or friend within the dates of the semester.

  •  Ask the teacher to take the remaining paid lessons in the next semester.

​    2. If a lesson is canceled due to the teacher’s absence and no make-up lesson was possible at a convenient time for the student, then the student will be refunded the full amount of the lesson(s) missed by the end of the semester


Reposition of Missed lessons 

  1. Same day cancellations are a lost lesson for the student. 

  2. Students can reschedule a lesson when notifying the teacher 24 hrs  in advance via the student portal. 

  3.  Rescheduling lessons depend on the availability of the teacher during the regular teaching hours that are written on the website.

  4.  Rescheduling of missed  lessons can only be done within the semester dates.


​​ Invoices are sent via email after the first lesson.

  1. Payments can be done in one payment or multiple payments based on previous agreement with the teacher. 

  2. Students paying with jeugdcultuurfonds receive a separate invoice to pay only for the remaining amount of their fees. 

  3. Payments do not include the costs of books.


  1. The class concert takes place at the end of the summer semester. 

  2. Participating in the concert has a cost of 5 to 10 euro per student depending on the location that is rented.

  3.  It is not compulsory to participate in the class concerts but it is encouraged.  


  In consideration to students and parents with various allergies and for the best preservation of the pianos, please avoid bringing food or pets into the rooms and smoking outside  the door.

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