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Lessons for Children 
(4 years old+)


Thanks for your interest in piano lessons. At the moment there are not spots available. Waiting time is aprox. 6 months

Piano Lessons for children consists on playful and personalized activities based on different pedagogical approaches  and principles such as Montessori, Kodály and Suzuki.  Activities such as singing, improvising and composing are encouraged as well as performing for other children and parents in different concert activities. 

The lessons for 4+ years old children are an excellent complement for the first years of basic education. During the piano lessons the children learn not only music but also the basics of mathematics, practice reading and writing from left to right, exercise visual, muscle and auditory memory, expand their attention spam, improve their fine motor skills, improve eye and hand coordination, among many other skills. If your child is younger than 4 but shows interest on the piano, singing or dancing and is able to identify colors and numbers, we can give it a try!  Many world class pianists have showed strong abilities at age 2! Feel free to get in touch for booking a free trial lesson or to ask for advice on how to teach the basics of piano yourself to your young child.

Children  around 10+  are encouraged to learn to play also using chords and learn the basics of music software. They are also encouraged to participate in different class projects aside of the regular practicing and playing together in duet with other students. In this period there is a lot of attention given to help them find their path and preferences in music.



Lessons Calendar

The lessons are organized in two courses or semesters  of 18 lessons each.  

Course 1 from 05-09-2023 to 27-01-2024


Course 2 from 31-01-2023 to 12-07-2024



Wednesday: 13:30 - 18:00 hrs

Thursdays: 15:00 - 18:00 hrs

Fridays: 13:30 - 18:00 hrs

Saturdays:  09:00 - 13:30 hrs

Lessons Day

Lessons take place at my home studio in Vinkhuizen, Topaasstraat 36 Groningen 9743

Lessons Calendar

Days and Times



Price per lesson of 30 minutes: €20.00


Complete course (18 lessons of 30 min)  One Payment of €360,00 or 5 monthly payments of €72,00

Price per lesson of 40 minutes: €26,80


Complete course (18 lessons of 40 min) One Payment of €482,50 or 5 monthly payments of €96.40

Price per lesson of 50 minutes: €33.50


Complete course (18 lessons of 50 min)   One Payment of €603,00 or 5 monthly payments of €120,60

*All prices include BTW

  • Possible to pay children's tuition with jeugdfonds

  • Possible to start at any time of the lessons period and pay only for the lessons you will be taking 

For more information about payments and lessons please read the terms and conditions

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