Lessons for Children

Piano Lessons for children are based on playful activities that help the children develop music skills and learn the basics of music together with a  good technique foundation.


Every child receives personalized attention and material according to their learning and musical needs. Lessons are based on different pedagogical approaches  and principles such as Montessori, Kodály and Suzuki.


During the lessons activities such as singing, improvising and composing are encouraged, as well as performing for other children and parents in different concert activities.

In my view, the emotional development of a child is as important as his musical development. Therefore it is priority to make sure the child enjoys playing music and develops self confidence.

Children at 6 years old are cognitively ready and have the right gross and fine motor skills to start with individual piano lessons.  However, if you have a younger child that shows interest on the piano, singing or dancing and is able to identify colors and numbers, we can give it a try!  Many world class pianists have showed strong abilities at age 2! Feel free to get in touch for booking a free trial lesson or to ask for advice on how to teach piano yourself to your young child.



Lessons for Adults

Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano?  Follow your instinct and give piano lessons a try.  Discover and develop your inner musicality and make music part of your life.

In the lessons for beginners we make sure to develop a good understanding of theory, (including playing by chords), development of motor and audition skills. We use different methods depending on the needs of each student and made use of different resources on internet like software, youtube tutorials and others.  We work on different styles like classic, pop and jazz and motivate the student to play together with others.

During the year, there are several study meetings and group lessons for adult students where they have the opportunity to play for each other and learn together. This extra guidance has no costs for regular students.



Lessons Calendar

The lessons calendar is divided in 2 periods of 17 lessons each. Next calendar will start on January 4th 2021.

Lessons take place at my home studio in Vinkhuizen on:

Mondays: 14:30 - 18:30 hrs

Fridays:    13:00 - 19:00 hrs

Saturdays: 10:00 - 14:30 hrs

I am on maternity leave between September and December 2020 and there are not regular lessons. 

At the moment there are not available spots but there will be some available from January. If you have interest in having lessons for you or your child and want to book a free trial lesson please get in touch and write your age/age of your child and the day and time you prefer to have lessons or a free trial out lesson. I´ll get back in touch as soon as there is an available spot.

Prices and Payments

Price per lesson of 30 minutes: €15.70


Whole Period of Lessons (17) in One Payment: €267 or five monthly payments of €53,40

Price per lesson of 45 minutes: €22,70


Whole Period of Lessons (17) in One Payment: €386 or five monthly payments of €77,20

  • 15% for siblings or family members

  • Possible to pay children's tuition with jeugdfonds

  • Possible to start at any time of the lessons period and pay only for the lessons you will be taking

For more information about payments and lessons please read the terms and conditions